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    Locked out? Whether you've been banned from Napster for uploading Metallica
    or thwarted in your attempts to watch The Matrix on your Linux box, these
    pages show you the way back in.


            Dave Touretzky's Gallery of CSS Descramblers
            Site that explores First Amendment issues arising from the MPAA
            campaign to stop DeCSS, a program that cracks the copy- protection
            scheme built into DVDs.


            If you've been booted from Napster for downloading Metallica files,
            this app will let you sign up again.

            Napster Unban
            Another Napster-ban fix.

            Unbooting Yourself From Napster
            A roundup of Weekly's strategies for getting around network
            administrators who try to keep users from accessing Napster.

            Zeropaid "Banned" page
            Page with step-by-step instructions for uninstalling the Napster
            client manually. After reinstallation, banned users can log on with
            a new name.


        If your sysadmin blocksSocks traffic (see Applications - Firewall), try
        Socks2HTTP. It disguises Socks traffic as Web traffic, letting your
        files sneak over the barricade.


    Spoofing is the act of converting your IP address into a different one so
    that your Internet activity can't be traced to your computer.


            A site that lets you check other sites without revealing your IP
            address. Use it free of charge and look at ads, or pay a fee and
            avoid them.

            Anonymity 4 Proxy
            Proxy server for Windows from NetPrivacy Software reroutes network
            traffic through anonymous proxy servers all over the world.

            For $49.95, Zero-Knowledge's Windows tool lets you surf anonymously
            or pseudonymously, monitoring network traffic in and out of the


            Camp Chaos Entertainment
            Encouraged by the success of the Metallica spoof "Napster Bad!" the
            Flash wizards at Camp Chaos have been working overtime. Don't miss
            their take on celeb fundraising, "Sue All the World."

            "Napster of Puppets"
            Metallica's hit "Master of Puppets," rewritten as a diatribe against
            fans who share audio files.

            Heavy metal has-beens Spinal Tap come out in favor of sharing, since
            no one was buying their music anyway. Features the band's new
            single, "Back From the Dead."


The interstate highway system of the P2P world. A network is a group of clients
that can find and share each other's files.

    Audiogalaxy Satellite
    Network with Windows and Linux clients that lets users search not only FTP
    sites but each other's disk drives.

    A network with emphasis on user anonymity. Available for Windows and Unix.

    Pre-Napster file-sharing network for Macs, based in Germany.

    GlobalScape's file-sharing system for Windows supports all file types, but
    shut itself down the day after Judge Patel's Napster injunction. Has a great
    interface, so users are hoping it returns.

    Napster-style centralized system with a drag-and-drop user interface,
    multifile downloads, and the ability to resume interrupted file transfers.

    Founded by Napster refugees and funded by Hollywood insiders, the SF firm is
    approaching studios in hopes of becoming the online movie-distribution
    system of choice. Client not yet available.

    Though this anonymous, decentralized file-sharing network predates Gnutella,
    so far it has enjoyed more press coverage than actual use. Freenet developer
    Ian Clarke has moved on to Uprizer, where he hopes to create a music-
    distribution system that includes mechanisms for compensating artists.

    Napster's heir apparent, Gnutella offers an open source file-trading network
    that's decentralized. Unlike the Napster community, Gnutella's favors
    multiple clients - which means more users and more content, ad infinitum.

    An open source, Gnutella-like network.

    Hotline Connect
    A pre-Napster network supported with advertising. Favored by devotees of
    niche-music genres.

    The iMesh network's skinnable Windows client is more user-friendly than
    early Gnutella clients.

    Jungle Monkey
    Distributed file-sharing network developed at the University of Michigan.

    Java-based and open source, the Konspire network supports all file types and
    lets you resume interrupted transfers. Like Gnutella, its architecture is
    decentralized, but Konspire is designed to minimize Gnutella's high
    messaging overhead.

    Mojo Nation
    Freeloaders take note: You have to accumulate "Mojo" by uploading files to
    this decentralized private network before you can download.

    Open source network with open disregard for Napster's trademark. Not as
    widely used as Gnutella, but surprisingly popular.

    The network that made point-and-click song-swapping a household activity.
    Napster's future is anybody's guess, but the ground it broke has already
    proven to be fertile indeed.

    Not-So-Bad Distribution
    Open source network that ensures privacy via encryption and authentication.

    A file-sharing network with a Web browser interface seems like good idea,
    but this one smacks of the old "Sign up your friends!" portals.

    Open File Sharing Initiative
    Open source network with clients on several platforms. Supports MP3, ZIP,
    and RPM formats.

    Efforts to reverse-engineer the Napster spec begat this popular alternative,
    which recognizes a variety of file formats in addition to MP3. Should
    Napster go up in smoke - or venture capital - OpenNap servers (many of which
    reside outside the US) are ready to take over. Unlike Gnutella, OpenNap
    servers are independent, so OpenNap communities like Naphoria are separate

    Like Napster, RiffShare lets users find music files via a central server.

    Scour Exchange
    Scour's network is distinguished by two seemingly incompatible
    characteristics: It supports video files, and it's partly owned by Hollywood
    bigwig Michael Ovitz. Last summer the company was hauled into court on
    copyright-infringement charges by both the RIAA and the MPAA.

    Uploading a song to this Windows-only network earns you karma points that
    can be redeemed for prizes.

    SpinFrenzy Xchange
    A network whose Web-only search function must be downloaded and run on

    Swapoo! (formerly Romnet)
    Napster for games. The software compresses files to alleviate long download

    A network for Windows whose XML-based client supports all file types and
    lets you search by category (music, movies, archives, documents).


    Artist Compensation

        Now you can toss a coin to your favorite artists when downloading their
        music. Shortly after going live, the tip jar held close to $1,000 and
        the site's founders began talking to investors.
        Guilt-ridden song swappers can compensate Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich
        and the rest of the band via this tongue-in-cheek site. Major credit
        cards accepted.



        The Internet Relay Chat channels listed below are related to file-
        sharing on DALnet and EFnet, the two largest IRC networks. Though their
        names are fairly self-explanatory, the only way to find out what they're
        like is to tune in.



        Web Sites

        These sites bring together knowledgeable people focused on specific
        technical questions.

            DivX ;-) forum
            Excellent platform-specific message boards for answers to questions
            about ripping, encoding, and playing video files.

            Ongoing discussions about Napster and file-sharing in six languages
            and counting. Features a help forum for banned and restricted users.

            A Perl program that lets Gnapster and TekNap users keep an updated
            list of OpenNap servers.

            An often-updated site with links to most (but not all) Gnutella
            clients, as well as breaking news about Gnutella development.

            A portal site with Spanish-language tutorials, discussions, and
            technical documentation.

            A Japanese-language community site for Gnutella developers and

            Active chat rooms, many members, endless links, and operations
            outside the US make this one of the most vital OpenNap communities.

    Gnutella Host Directories

    Because Gnutella has no central servers, it needs to be told where to look
    for its kin. Host caches connect your client to a group of active peers.
    Host lists identify peers in text, which you must import or copy to your

        Host Caches

        Instead of kicking Gnutella into action with a random IP address, try
        connecting to a host cache site. These sites exist not for file sharing,
        but to facilitate access to the network.


        Host Lists

        Host-list pages give you the option to download a
        list of active peers or simply copy and paste addresses. Here are two of
        the best.


            Surface Layer Gnuworld

    Offshore Web Hosting

        A high-security, high-redundancy server site located atop an abandoned
        WWII fortress in the North Sea, HavenCo recognizes no national authority
        other than its own Principality of Sealand. It pledges to destroy your
        data rather than let it be captured.

        Offshore Information Services
        From the Caribbean tax haven of Anguilla, OIS doles out data beyond the
        reach of US legal authorities.

    Online File Storage

        Where to keep all those music files? Driveway offers 25 Mbytes of free
        Web-based storage. Registering will up your allotment to 100 Mbytes.

        50 Mbytes free of charge, more for a fee.

        Unlimited free storage space for multimedia files. Comes with an MP3
        player so you can listen while you upload.

        The original e-tune locker, for uploading your music collection and
        sharing it with friends.

        25 Mbytes of storage with no strings attached, 300 Mbytes if you're
        willing to fill out quarterly questionnaires, and unlimited space if you
        refer friends.

        25 Mbytes of free storage to start. Subjecting your friends to spam can
        raise your allotment to 100 Mbytes. Go on - you really need the space.


    Want the facts and figures you need to make the case that copyright is
    untenable in a networked world, that the record industry is an illegal
    cartel, and that your business plan builds an enduring bridge to an
    uncertain future? Look no further.

        Gnutella Network Map
        Graphical map of the Gnutella network from

        Gnutella Query Distribution
        Statistical breakdown, by media category, of searches on the Gnutella

        The Napster Flood
        Report summarizing the effect of the Napster injunction on the Gnutella

        "RIAA Yearend Market Report on U.S. Recorded Music Shipments"
        Report that shows CD sales are growing despite the Napster brouhaha.

    Search Engines & Portals

    These sites let you search file-sharing networks and download using a Web
    browser. No special client software required.

        Angry Coffee
        Web-based OpenNap search that promotes independent bands.

        Gnutella search that also lets you browse by filename, artist name, and
        upload date.

        Unabashed Slashdot clone devoted entirely to P2P. Features a Gnutella
        search as well as daily news, polls, and discussions.

        Distributed Search Services
        Gnutella search, host lists (see Services - Gnutella Host Directories -
        Host Lists), and links to sites.

        Gnutella for Macintosh
        Small but extensive vertical site with content and links for Mac-based
        Gnutella users.

        Gnutella news, downloads, and developer discussions. Ad banners for
        fearless online CD stores.

        Nascent multilingual site with pages in more than a dozen languages.

        Searches Napster, Gnutella, and Web and FTP sites for MP3s. Extras
        include an anonymous surfing tool and a Slashdot-style discussion format
        for music-related news.
        Gnutella, HTTP, and FTP searches included.

        Surface Layer
        Served from the Polynesian island nation of Niue, this site offers the
        latest versions of various Gnutella clients, among other apps.

        One of the first commercial sites to implement a Gnutella search.
        This search engine has a timer (in seconds) so you can control how long
        searches take.

        News, searching, forums, links, and games, but without the barrage of ad
        banners - so far.



            Beginner's Guide to Using Gnutella
            Gnutella may be unstoppable, but newbies could find it unusable.
            Here's the easy way in.

            Gnutella for Macintosh
            101-level course for Mac users.

            gnutellaNet Troubleshooter
            Informal but useful interactive guide to common Gnutella problems.

            Gnutella News Gnutella/Napster Comparison
            A tutorial on the benefits of the two most popular networks, Napster
            and Gnutella.

            Gnutella News Tutorial
            A nerdier introduction to the Gnutella network.

            Nearly Deaf FAQ/Overview of Gnutella
            FAQ that takes on such topics as potential incompatibility with
            cable modems.


            All About MP3
            This beginner's guide complements's effort to cover the same

            Angry Coffee MP3 Tutorial
            Savvy manual that covers legal as well as technical matters.

   Player Setup
            If you're wet behind the ears, this manual will help you get your
            feet wet.

            Webmonkey How-To Library Audio/MP3
            Extensive how-to archive for Web developers.


            dmusic Napster Tutorial
            For novices, this guide patiently explains each step of finding,
            installing, and running Napster.

            How to Use Napster
            An easy stroll through the basics.


            Audio CD Ripping Guide
            How to convert CD tracks into Net-ready files without compromising
            quality too much.

            Digital Digest
            How to rip DVDs and compress to DivX ;-) while maintaining picture

            DVD Rip Guides
            A thorough series of tutorials for converting DVD clips into a
            variety of formats.

            MiniDisc Hacking Guide
            How to defeat MiniDisc's Serial Copy Management System (SCMS)


Money you're saving for Courtney Love's tip burning a hole in your pocket?
Here's a sampling of consumer goods for the cause.

    2600 DVD Campaign
    Protest the Motion Picture Association of America's lawsuit against hacker
    journal 2600 with anti-MPAA bumper stickers and T-shirts.

    DeCSS T-shirt
    The latest in civil-disobedience leisurewear. Order now, before shirt sales
    are shut down by the DVD Copy Control Association.

    Save Napster bumper sticker
    $1 each - a steal!

    T-shirts and mousepads bearing the site's self-explanatory URL.

Legal Assistance

Just in case ...

    Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz
    FGKS, which represents 2600 magazine in its fight with the MPAA, specializes
    in intellectual property, new media, and entertainment.


Every good movement has a philosophy.

    The Society of Peers
    Updating the Society of Friends (aka Quakers) for P2P, the Society of Peers
    urges its fellows to "reject the Devil and his temptation to Centralize."

    An "open source metareligion," Techanism's key tenet is: "Order rises from


These sites help you keep on top of the Net's changing topology.

    The visible tip of the hacking iceberg, 2600 has been the standard-bearer
    for data subversion since 1984.

    Gnews for developers, it covers Gnumm, Gnut, Hagelslag, Toadnode, and other

    While it's not focused exclusively on P2P, Slashdot is the technophile's
    journal of record. The message boards and newsfeeds are peppered with
    enlightening rants.

Help Wanted

If you need a P2P job, apply within.
    Gnutella hacker Gene Kan is backed by Marc Andreessen and investment firm
    Angel Investors in his attempt to build out InfraSearch, a Gnutella-powered
    Internet search tool. Kan's goal: to create a decentralized alternative to
    portals and commerce sites by connecting corporate systems the way Gnutella
    links personal computers.

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